NFT Market Places

This page will be a living document that will continuously be updated with NFT Marketplaces. You can suggest additional market places via telegram chat


Open and accessible NFT marketplaces utilizing the power of the blockchain to empower artists and collectors to participate in this new interconnected economy of digital asset ownership. 

The largest marketplace that also aggregates from other Ethereum / Matic based platforms. Can have high gas costs like all other Ethereum based platforms.

Layer 2 Matic / Polygon is currently in beta on OpenSea. 

The Easiest to Use NFT Platform: Remove the Crypto Complexity and mint NFTs for free on Apricot. Users can buy with credit cards so there is no need for a crypto wallet. This marketplace is for all types of  content creators and adds unlockable perks to NFTs all made possible by the Polygon / Matic network and viewable on OpenSea.

Growing marketplace based on the Wax blockchain where there are No High Gas Fees to create NFTs and where lower cost, higher volume transactions are possible.  A very active community  of artists and collectors with a growing list of popular big name projects including Streetfighter, Atari, Godzilla, Major League Baseball trading cards and more. 

Cargo has some cool features

Such as magic minting (no gas fee minting) and allow creators to set up split royalties for collaborations. They are also integrating the Polygon/Matic network.

Growing Ethereum based marketplace with a very active community of buyers and collectors that can have high gas fees at peak times. 

Open Ethereum based marketplace with a slightly lower cost option to minting called lazy minting.  Can still encounter high gas fees during transactions. 

Create your own NFT Collection and retain full ownership and administrative privileges for that collection on the Polygon/Matic Blockchain ( an Ethereum side chain)

For example at Rarible, your NFTs belong to the Rarible collection and aren’t technically yours

Mint NFTs on Polygon / Matic for Free and attach a social media link to your NFTs. Great for creating promotional NFTs without having to spend money on gas fees. 

The trade off is the collection is a shared collection similar to how Rarible collections work. 

Based on the Phatasma blockchain for super fast, low cost minting of NFTs. 

A promising NFT creation platform that is gaming centric while still allowing for low cost NFT creation for any kind of digital assets.

Enjin’s Jump Net is Launching in April 

Bitski is a paid plaform that is open to creators. One unique aspect is that users can buy NFTs in regular currencies. 

Unique one is a open marketplace for NFTs owned and managed by the Digital Arts community. This platform allows for low cost, low friction minting using the xdai stable currency. 

Immersive digital collectible platform and marketplace with a focus of 3D and virtual experiences. 


These platforms have some of the largest audiences and highest prices, however gate keeping and invite only marketplaces philosophically go against the ethos of blockchain in its purest sense. Some of these marketplaces have plans to become more open and accessible in the future. Curated marketplaces may also be more suitable for specific types of artists and projects especially those with massive audiences. 


NFT Marketplace Feature Comparisons

Original spreadsheet by Allen Henna

Using Test Networks to Learn

You can test mint NFTs on various platforms without risking real money the video below will walk you through how to do this on OpenSea and Rarible but test networks operate in similar ways.  The best place to check is to go into the marketplaces discord and ask about their testnet. 

Faucets for Popular Test Networks

In order to operate on the test networks you will need fake crypto tokens such as fake ETH or Fake Matic tokens the Faucet is where you can request fake funds to use on the test networks. 

Matic Faucet

Rarible Test Network
Ropsten Faucet for Free Test

Open Sea Test Net – NOTE!!

[CHANGE TO RINKEBY Test network in Meta Mask]

Rinkeby Test Network

Rinkeby Faucet for Free Test Ethereum